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« An Introduction to Buddhist Practice

A booklet written by the Venerable Ajahn Paññavaddho Thera containing:
  • An Introduction to Buddhist Practice
  • The Basis of Practice
  • The Importance of Samādhi
  • Developing Meditation
  • A Life of Meditation
  • Investigation for Wisdom
  • The wisdom of Samādhi

An Introduction to Buddhist Practice: When a person is introduced to Buddhism for the first time, the first thing he should do is to forget all about his background of Christianity – and his Christian views and other similar views – and start from scratch.
The story of the Buddha begins like this. The Buddha found that he had a problem and he left home to try to find the answer to this problem. He went searching for teachers, he went to this teacher and then that teacher but he found he still had the problem. Finally he had to go off on his own to search for the solution, because he could not find anyone who knew about it. And he found the answer within himself, and he found the way to get to the state where he got the answer to his question and got free from his problem (...)

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