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ForestDhammaTalks hosts talks on Dhamma given by western Buddhist monks (bhikkhus) in the lineage of Lungphu Mun Bhuridatto (1870–1949) who, with Lungphu Sao Kantasilo, founded the Thai forest tradition. The talks have been made available for people intent on the serious practice of the Dhamma.

Most of the talks were given by Ajahn Martin Piyadhammo, a German bhikkhu ordained in 1995, and some were given by Ajahn Paññavaddho (1925–2004) who was one of the first western monks ordained in Thailand in the Thai Forest Tradition. Both stayed at Wat Pa Baan Taad for many years under the guidance of Luangta Maha Bua (1913–2011) who was widely considered to be the successor of Lungphu Mun.

Dhamma Talks from Ajahn Martin (mp3)

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30-10-09 If we just could understand the Truth of dukkha! ***
16-11-16 Make meditation your number 1 priority
4-01-17 What exactly is sati?
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30-12-18 Getting to the essence of our citta
26-12-18 What is the citta? Should we even ask?
23-12-18 Don't say “I feel ...” - say “There is a feeling!”
19-12-18 We think the body is holy – it's only a tool
16-12-18 Change yourself, not other people
13-12-18 The biggest hurdle on the path to Nibbana...
12-12-18 Have you ever said NO to the kilesas?
2-12-18 Finding the connection to our heart
30-11-18 Our aversion shows us our own faults
25-11-18 Happiness is in the heart – look for it!
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Talks to newly ordained monks (2013) 10 talks - 304MB
Retreat in Loei (2009) 9 talks - 257MB
Talks of December 2018 8 talks - 258MB
Talks of November 2018 7 talks - 157MB
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