Thai Forest Dhamma

in the tradition of Lungphu Mun Bhuridatto

and his western disciples

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Ajahn Martin Piyadhammo

Ajahn Martin Piyadhammo has lived as a Buddhist forest monk in jungles of Thailand for many years. He was born in Stuttgart in 1957 and studied electrical and computer engineering in Germany and the USA. At the end of the 1980s, he discovered meditation, and he lived in monasteries and meditation centers in England and Germany for four years. In 1995, he went to live with the famous Thai mediation teacher Luangta Maha Bua in Baan Taad Forest Monastery near Udon Thani in Thailand, and he was ordained as a Buddhist monk in December 1995. He has lived there ever since, going on tudong ( journeying alone in solitude through the forests) for a few months each year and meditating about 14 hours everyday.

Originally, an English-speaking monk, Ajahn Paññavaddho, was responsible for instructing lay visitors who came to visit Baan Taad. However, after 2002 an increasing number of German people came to visit, and Ajahn Paññavaddho asked Ajahn Martin take on the instruction of these visitors who wished to know more about the Dhamma. Two years later, in 2004, Ajahn Pannavaddo died, and the teaching of lay visitors became shared between Ajahn Dick and Ajahn Martin. After Ajahn Dick left the monastery in 2007, Ajahn Martin carried the sole responsibility for teaching lay visitors about Dhamma and meditation.

In 2006, a group of visitors requested permission to record Ajahn Martin's Dhamma talks, and he consented. From that time, his English or German Dhamma talks began to be recorded. At first, recordings of his talks were circulated privately among small groups of Dhamma students. Later, after requests from other laypeople, they were made publically available to help the meditation practice of those few seekers interested in training themselves to reach magga, phala and nibbāna.

This website now contains all of Ajahn Martin's recorded talks in English and German. Most of the talks were given to laypeople at Baan Taad Forest Monastery who wished to receive instruction on Dhamma and meditation. Most of the newer talks (from 2013 onwards) were given to newly ordained western monks. The talks are preserved exactly as they were originally given – they have not been cut or corrected. For that reason, they should not be transcribed or translated into another form without Ajahn Martin's written consent. If you have any questions about the content of the talks, please send an email to

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