Thai Forest Dhamma

in the tradition of Lungphu Mun Bhuridatto

and his western disciples

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Visit to Singapore

April 2023

4-days meditation retreat in Palelai Buddhist Temple

Date Title Description Duration
1 May What is important? Questions and Answers
1 May You can loose everything, except the things you've aquired in your citta
30 Apr A Human Life is Too Precious to Waste it
30 Apr The First Three Fetters
29 Apr Use Your Brain and Not the Smart Phone!
29 Apr The Principle of Anatta
29 Apr Monks are Supposed to Fight Fear
28 Apr No More Common Sense Left?

April 2019

3-days meditation retreat in Palelai Buddhist Temple

Visit to Singapore (April 2019) (8 talks)
Date Title Description Duration
22 Apr Reflection is that what breaks up our conditioning
Propping up our virtues of generosity, respect, and gratitude; Fear of making mistakes hinders our progress; If we were truly good, we wouldn't be born as human beings; Is the new-age of technology really a step forward?
21 Apr Reflection is that what differentiates us from animals
Comfort reduces our sati; Daily reflection; Reflection of our actions; What we see in others is the projection of our own heart
21 Apr It is time to start packing our bags... for the next life
Entertained by our own internal movie-theatre; How to deal with frightening images arising in meditation; Investigation – Ripping the heart open and showing it what it does; What is it that makes us want to change our posture in meditation?; We try to control... But our task is just to observe
20 Apr Chucking out avijja – The lord of our heart
Understanding the First Noble Truth; Killing our time instead of using it wisely; Seeing things that are wrong with other people - how does it relate to us?; Letting go of greed and hate is not a command our heart understands; Bringing up interesting thoughts in order to stir up our energy
20 Apr Have you ever really been alive?
Remember how we learned to walk?; Conditioning is similar to computer programming; The difference between knowledge and wisdom; Letting our anger out onto others; Difference between reaction and reflection
19 Apr Dukkha starts from the moment we wake up in the morning
Believing that we won't go to hell doesn't make us exempt from it; Learning to shut down our mind-engine; Children don't give up learning to walk. So why do we give up in our meditation?; Forest Monks like secluded places... But they come and teach us out of metta
19 Apr Is there so much difference between life and a video game?
A Teacher can teach you, but the student must go the path himself; Ask yourself: Do I really want to waste my life?; Are we really the body?; The human realm is the jumping board out of the cycle of birth and death; Can't find the way out of dukkha... So we look for the Dhamma; Who is it in our mind that tells us what to do and how to be?; Developing the flashlight of sati
18 Apr There's something burning in our heart - It's called dukkha!
Where does true happiness come from?; We grow up, get a job, have a family, then die – So what's the purpose of our life?; Training this body takes a long time – is it really worthwhile?; We are everywhere... apart from the present moment; We need some motivation to find the way out of samsara; Why does the word “Hell” bother us so much?; Just believing in god won't get us to heaven; What makes us human beings?; We should learn to respect all beings equally

July 2018

2 days retreat at Wat Palelai Buddhist Temple

Visit to Singapore (July 2018) (8 talks)
Date Title Description Duration
16 Jul It is very difficult to obtain a human life – don't waste it! (evening)
We've played enough - let's start to open our eyes, Where will we go after death?, What are the Four Kinds of People?, Training this body – do you want to go through it again?
15 Jul We spend most of our life on 'autopilot' (evening)
We do like to make ourselves unhappy, Why do we associate with things which are anicca and anatta?, Don't say 'I am afraid' – say 'There is fear', How much compassion do we really feel for sick people?, We are centred on ourselves – we are selfish, One can be happy with very little
15 Jul Mindfulness and sati – are they the same? (midday)
Awareness is the key, Dealing with unresolved issues arising in meditation, Meditating only when it is pleasant is hardly meditation, Metta is there in the heart, We DO have a choice!,
15 Jul Don't be the slaves of your desires – get free! (morning)
Why do we need to beautify this body?, Buddhism is a religion which points inwards, The more possessions we have – the 'bigger' we think we are, Samatha meditation is like digging a hole
14 Jul It is our right to be happy – so why aren't we? (evening)
We run and run and run... How can we stop?, Once you've been out of this body – you never want to come back, Where is dukkha coming from – desire!
14 Jul Using asubha to deal with sexual desire (midday)
Learning to walk wasn't easy – why should learning to meditate be otherwise?, Learn to do walking meditation, Our object of meditation – be interested in it, We are running after pleasant things and trying to avoid unpleasant things, Sexual misconduct – number one sin
14 Jul How to meditate – finding your heart (morning)
Getting the mind calm takes months of relentless effort, Meditation is nothing else than learning to walk, All we are doing is waiting for death, All the work we put into the body – in the end in vain
13 Jul The cycle of birth and death – like one video game after another
Get to know yourself, Open your heart to all possibilities