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Talks from Ajahn Martin

This website now contains all of Ajahn Martin's recorded talks in English and German (a few in Thai and in French).

Most of the talks were given to laypeople at Baan Taad Forest Monastery who wished to receive instruction on Dhamma and meditation.
Most of the newer talks (from 2013 onwards) were given to newly ordained western monks. The talks are preserved exactly as they were originally given – they have not been cut or corrected. For that reason, they should not be transcribed or translated into another form without Ajahn Martin's written consent.

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Date Title Description Album Duration
12-12-20 About generosity, respect, and gratitude
Dhamma Talk 33:29
4-12-20 There’s No End to Wanting, Unless We Find the Way Out!
Dhamma Talk 22:29
22-11-20 A Dhamma Conversation (en/th)
Dhamma Talk 35:26
21-11-20 Sati Doesn’t Come Automatically!
Sati & Samadhi – Don’t Get Them Mixed Up! Know What Is Going on at Every Moment! Sati Helps Us in Every Situation! ‘We Are Not the Body’ Is an Insight We Need! Is Another Human Life What We Really Want?! Make the Heart Understand You Are Not the Body!
Dhamma Talk 24:13
1-11-20 Why Were We Thrown Into This World?!
Don’t Forget This Body Has an Owner! The Importance of Seeing a Samana… Look After the One Who Drives This Body! A Recluse Looks After the Owner of the Body!
Dhamma Talk 51:10
31-10-20 Remind Yourself How Precious This Life Is!
Find the Way Out of This Hamster Wheel! Sometimes We Forget the Purpose of Our Life… Investigate and Find the Way Out!
Dhamma Talk 14:44
19-10-20 Our Eyes See Everything – Except Our Own Heart!
Look What’s Going on in Your Own House! Blinded by the Senses! Have a Look – Where Is Dukkha Coming From?!
Dhamma Talk 33:52
6-10-20 How to Dethrone the Kilesas
Daily Reflection Is the First Step of Investigation! Do We Really Want to Wander around in the Dark? Without daily reflection we are in the dark!
Dhamma Talk 36:35
28-09-20 Why Do We Become Monks?
Go to Your Heart and Find the Happiness There! Only the Lord Buddha Teaches the Way Out of Dukkha! You Hardly Find Anyone Who Really Knows the Truth!
Dhamma Talk 15:45
21-09-20 Without Sati We Are Like the Walking Dead!
How Often Do We Reflect About Our Actions? We Have Only Two Weapons to Fight the Kilesas…
Dhamma Talk 34:56
14-09-20 What is the meaning of Meditation?
What is ‘Meditation’ and what is ‘Practice’? Meditation means Training the Heart! Do we Suffer, or do we have Dukkha? Practice is all about Experience! Finding the Middle-Point of our Existence...
Dhamma Talk 42:04
9-09-20 What makes the human life so precious?
All our life we take care of this body! Wherever we go, we take our problems with us… Stop running around the hamster wheel of life!
Dhamma Talk 59:02
30-08-20 We have to be awake – We have to have sati!
We have to understand how the kilesas work!
Dhamma Talk 18:27
28-08-20 Ask yourself – Who am I?!
Get out of the body and see it’s not you! Problems exist only in our mind!
Dhamma Talk 51:41
23-08-20 Going through the fires of dukkha…
Learning to embrace pain!
Dhamma Talk 34:53
18-08-20 If you don’t give in – You will be the winner!
Dhamma Talk 24:40
11-08-20 The importance of daily reflection
Dhamma Talk 34:51
4-08-20 Lost in a movie called ‘Life’…
Life is just like a movie…
Dhamma Talk 21:59
31-07-20 Human life in a nutshell!
The body is a tool! – just like a car Have you investigated pain? If we don’t enter the stream – There’s no end to rebirth!
Dhamma Talk 32:23
19-07-20 ‘Stop & go’ practice won’t get us anywhere!
Making our meditation practise continuous Why did the Lord Buddha leave his family? The highest merit we can make for our parents…
Dhamma Talk 19:36
12-07-20 The way to practise to get results!
Without sati we don’t know what is going on! Get to know what the kilesas are cooking up!
Dhamma Talk 19:40
6-07-20 Intensifying our practice in the rains retreat
Directions given to the monks entering the rains 2020 regarding practice and the correct behaviour: Train sati by knowing what is going on! Life is so easy in the present moment! Find the happiness that is in the heart! If you’re dead you can’t practice anymore!
Dhamma Talk 14:09
5-07-20 Dhamma conversation about samadhi
Dhammatalk given to laypeople-visitors around the time of Entering the Rains 2020
Dhamma Talk 33:45
28-06-20 We want to do but we don’t want to know!
Daily reflection shows us where our mind goes Daily reflection trains sati! Daily reflection undermines the kilesas!
Dhamma Talk 23:00
21-06-20 Why going for the fake gold, when the real thing is so near?
Why can’t we stick to one point?! We need to get the mind completely quiet! Living in the present moment!
Dhamma Talk 32:30
14-06-20 Cleaning out the mountain of junk in our mind!
What is the purpose of meditation? Meditation means tidying up our mind! Taming the wild elephant called our mind!
Dhamma Talk 44:02
8-06-20 Overloaded ships will sink before leaving the harbour into the open sea!
We can’t fight the kilesas when our ship has already sunk! What is really necessary for us to do? Hard times help our practice to progress… Restraining our inner dream factory
Dhamma Talk 25:38
31-05-20 Be grateful for the opportunity given to practice
In a community, we have to look after each other We just cannot let go of sati! Our task is so simple – Just return to the Buddho! Stand up for your right to enter samadhi!
Dhamma Talk 27:06
26-05-20 The only way out of the game called ‘Life’
Improving sati – Knowing what is going on!; Don’t let the mind stray away!; Build up the resistance to the kilesas!
Dhamma Talk 31:36
23-05-20 What is the meaning of ‘Dhamma’?
A talk to a visitor before the morning meal
Dhamma Talk 07:50
17-05-20 Covid19 and the world is in shambles?
Investigating death to overcome fear; What is there to be afraid of death?; Planting the right seeds of kamma
Dhamma Talk 29:33
10-05-20 The training of dealing with anger
Training when anger comes up…; Bringing out the kilesas from the dark; Dealing with anger during the lockdown
Dhamma Talk 22:32
3-05-20 We don’t need anything to be happy!
So attached to the body – We can’t let go…; We have to understand the 5 khandhas; Take a holiday from the ego!
Dhamma Talk 33:14
26-04-20 Why we shouldn’t fear ‘Covid-19’
Dhamma Talk 27:11
19-04-20 How to deal with fear and preparing ourselves for death
Fear; death
Dhamma Talk 24:23
12-04-20 Daily people die on the road, through cancer or heartattack, yet we are afraid of Covid-19! Why?
Death; Covid-19
Dhamma Talk 34:03
5-04-20 Covid-19 a Panic-demic?
Sooner or later we'll all have to die. Fear is really a bad advisor. Panic is even worse. We know we all have to die. And if we are Buddhists we know that we are not dying because of this or that illness but because of our kamma. Knowing this we should keep a clear head, free of fear, to do things that are wholesome. To whip up the fear of this crisis, so that people rush to the hospital worsening the situation, as done mostly by MSM but also alternative Media is creating this panic, where people cannot think straight anymore. So sit down reflect about death get calm and a clear head and do the things that need to be done, not driven by fear. May everybody be healthy and happy. Don’t be fooled by the number of deaths. Look at the number of deaths of the regular influenza, the swine flue, SARS or other virus infections to see things in a perspective and up to this moment more people die yearly in accidents, are killed in the many ongoing wars, in humanitarian crises caused by sanctions or wars. But do we stop driving? Do we stop the wars? Do we stop sanctions?
Dhamma Talk 37:08
8-03-20 We’ve looked well after the body. What about its owner the Citta?
Difficult it is to be born as a human being The law of kamma never fails Closing the sense doors: a task of a Buddhist practitioner Let’s clear the rubbish out of the heart
Dhamma Talk 27:09
7-03-20 Seeing a recluse reminds us what is important in our life
Ever asked yourself what’s the purpose of your life? There’s no end to our wanting Why do we become monks? To find the way out! Nowadays our life is in our smartphones
Dhamma Talk 26:25
1-03-20 Ever realised that you live in a world of illusion?
Why is the human life so precious? Ever wondered what one-pointlessness is like? Let’s go back to the citta’s true nature One life, one video game, when do we stop?
Dhamma Talk 42:27
22-02-20 Building the raft that will lead you to Nibbana
There is no work in the world harder than meditation Is ordaining as a monk a way to escape responsibility? What is love?
Dhamma Talk 43:45
19-02-20 Caught the thieves? It’s the kilesas, stealing our time
How to deal with kilesas in our everyday life Crave for one thing only: the buddho or the breath
Dhamma Talk 29:31
16-02-20 Let’s begin the quest for complete contentment
The only thing we really know is the present moment Can our wanting ever be satisfied?
Dhamma Talk 26:46
13-02-20 The fruits of meditation outshines all worldly fruits
Nothing wrong with being attached to samadhi(… enjoy it!) Samadhi is the oasis along the path and we need it Investigation is asking the right questions, not just thinking The more we study, the more stupid we become in Dhamma
Dhamma Talk 31:14
9-02-20 What is the key to practice anapanasati correctly?
Only by sticking to one point will you reach one-pointedness What is the difference between sati and mindfulness? Asking the right questions is the way of developing wisdom
Dhamma Talk 48:43
5-02-20 Old age, sickness, and death are our best reminders
Whatever we put our mind onto, we can succeed We forgot that there is another way of life How to live our lives in another way?
Dhamma Talk 44:11
2-02-20 Open the door to your heart and clean it out!
Where do our time and energy go to? Working for this body! Do we live in a way that really satisfy us?
Dhamma Talk 21:35
1-02-20 The Four Noble Truths are the foundation of Buddhism
Which kinds of actions lead to hell? Be aware of your actions, their reasons, and the results
Dhamma Talk 18:28
27-01-20 Only the Lord Buddha teaches the way out of dukkha
We eat to live, not live to eat Eating, working, sleeping… Aren’t we bored of it? The Lord Buddha is the one who teaches us the way out Knowingness: the missing key to concentration development Sati-panna: the ultimate weapon against kilesas Something is wrong with our view of the body...
Dhamma Talk 14:51
26-01-20 What's the relation between the body and the citta?
We only eat for the tongue, and not for the body We think we have sati, but do we really?
Dhamma Talk 05:30
22-01-20 The wonder of the citta being completely calm
The quietude of practising at night How to interact with the outside world Aversion and resentment are not the right way Reviewing one’s image of self How to deal with praise and criticism
Dhamma Talk 59:09
19-01-20 Human life in a nutshell
Don’t we see the dukkha in our life? Dukkha is particularly important to understand Generosity, respect, and gratitude: the Buddhist prerequisites Whatever comes back to us is only of our own doing Can God really be responsible for our own misfortune?
Dhamma Talk 06:36
17-01-20 Get the real taste of Dhamma, don’t be like a ladle in a soup
Why we are called a ‘ladle in a soup’ What kind of footprint have we left in this world? Why do we always want to change the world for the better?
Dhamma Talk 42:12
15-01-20 Why do we practice? To learn about ourselves!
There are so few people in this world who are honest Giving and kindness Training the monkey-mind Do we notice the beggars on the street? Working hard to get out of the hamster wheel
Dhamma Talk 58:02
12-01-20 If you can deal with pain – you can deal with death
Walking and sitting meditation is the real work of a recluse Interested in everything but meditation Next life shall be… no doubt Life after life we are stuck in the Wheel of Samsara Have you seen the dukkha yet? Having heard the Dhamma we can find the door out
Dhamma Talk 31:02
9-01-20 Meditate first, then start solving problems
Before you do anything – meditate! First meditate, then think! Anger can give a lot of energy! Two things to focus on: Samatha and vipassana
Dhamma Talk 12:24
7-01-20 A shock can actually be useful for our progress
Too proud to return back to a monastery… Being kicked out can actually help us
Dhamma Talk 05:25
5-01-20 The harsh training of the Thai Forest Tradition
No end to birth and death… unless we make an end Born again, and again, and again… with no end in sight How much body investigation should we do per day? Doing our work until the last breath...
Dhamma Talk 17:04
4-01-20 Becoming monks is not for leading an easy life
Not even aware of a single thing! Are we with the buddho or the breath? We are not aware of anything at all! Do we really want to go the path that leads to distraction?
Dhamma Talk 05:13
3-01-20 Practice is removing the ‘jack-in-the-boxes’
Do we meditate to control the environment, or the heart? The heart shines like gold – only the dirt obstructs it Removing the boulders from the heart Even lord Buddha got called names… what to say about us? Smile… but don’t give up the fight
Dhamma Talk 20:42
1-01-20 A human life is precious so use it wisely!
No time to think over our purpose of life... Citta and soul: is it one and the same thing? Objective: staying with the object of meditation Let’s learn to catch onto the lifesaver Calling ourselves homo-sapiens… are we really? We’re programmed to ‘do’. Why just not ‘be’?
Dhamma Talk 07:12