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Talks from Ajahn Martin

This website now contains all of Ajahn Martin's recorded talks in English and German (a few in Thai and in French).

Most of the talks were given to laypeople at Baan Taad Forest Monastery who wished to receive instruction on Dhamma and meditation.
Most of the newer talks (from 2013 onwards) were given to newly ordained western monks. The talks are preserved exactly as they were originally given – they have not been cut or corrected. For that reason, they should not be transcribed or translated into another form without Ajahn Martin's written consent.

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Date Title Description Album Duration
29-12-19 Why do we let the kilesas trample all over us?
Metta – a quality of heart Metta is a primary aspect of our heart Let’s become human beings again Don’t become robots – become human beings Turning off the kilesa radio Nibbana is free from conditioning Why don’t we do daily reflection? A downward trip on a roller-coaster is fast
Dhamma Talk 1:23:37
27-12-19 Stream-entry: a moment that changes your life
How to change things for good The knowledge of the heart cannot be found on Google The fruit moment of stream-entry Why do we deprive ourselves of the beauty of practice? The emptiness itself reveals the rise of birth and death
Dhamma Talk 1:06:21
25-12-19 Let’s learn the tricks of the magician-avijja
What are we doing with our life? What is our life about? What is this voice in our ears?! Learning to know the breath We look for results, and forget to do our work When practice is difficult - that’s when we learn Going back to our natural state
Dhamma Talk 59:07
22-12-19 Working to be alive... but forgetting to live
What is the difference between robots and us? Can investigation of pain bring up anger? Daily reflection – first method for wisdom development
Dhamma Talk 39:59
20-12-19 Life is very simple. Only WE make it complicated
We make life complicated, but actually it is very simple We forget the most important thing… Important thing in our life – to know why we live More wanting – more dukkha
Dhamma Talk 50:36
18-12-19 Anicca, anatta, dukkha - the three doors to Nibbana
The Three Characteristics which govern the Universe Using anicca, anatta and dukkha in our daily practice What is a ‘blackout’? What is it like when consciousness disappears? Living in a movie
Dhamma Talk 25:02
15-12-19 Buddhism is the only religion which opens the gate to the deathless
Working to live, to eat, to sleep, and to play around... What makes us engage in conversation with others? We have so much time on our hands – let’s kill it! Teachings of the Lord Buddha are so simple! Avijja places orders, but we have to pay the bill
Dhamma Talk 34:18
13-12-19 How to deal with restlessness
How to confuse the kilesas
Q&A 05:01
11-12-19 Judging others for our own doing – not ourselves
Ingratitude pervades the Western world We do a lot of good and bad kamma in a single day Kamma can be extremely scary Samadhi is our primary inheritance
Dhamma Talk 49:22
6-12-19 Hell is our most likely destination
Wholesome characteristics make our life easier Why are afraid of hell? Because we’ve been there so often! Does a Sotapanna always come back as a human being? Stream-entry opens the door
Dhamma Talk 27:21
4-12-19 No past, no future – just this one moment!
Calm your mind before doing anything else Are we grateful for all the support our parents gave? Parents are our worldly Arahants Life was so much fun – let’s have another!
Dhamma Talk 31:08
1-12-19 Once the heart understands, it lets go...
So busy we forget the purpose of our life! What kind of pleasure does the body give us? Everything arises here in the heart Look inside where the happiness arises
Dhamma Talk 29:13
27-11-19 There is nothing to achieve in meditation!
Just relax – There is nothing to achieve! We cannot achieve experience! Why are we so attached to the body? What does the body give us that we don’t have?
Dhamma Talk 29:33
24-11-19 Meditation practice means teaching the heart
So what is the purpose of our life? Find a real goal in your life! This human life is precious – Don’t waste it! The mind and the heart are 2 different things!
Dhamma Talk 36:45
22-11-19 All our life we are running away from dukkha!
The basics of Buddhism The only way to get rid of dukkha! Dukkha can be our motivation!
Dhamma Talk 37:23
20-11-19 The right method to combat greed and hate
Happiness is in the heart – We just have to find it! Take the lid off your citta and let the knowingness out! The way to remove the fetter of doubt
Dhamma Talk 18:45
17-11-19 When we stop thinking, we start living!
Getting the mind completely calm… If we don’t think, there are no problems! Experience the calm of samadhi
Dhamma Talk 28:54
14-11-19 At the end of our life, what have we achieved?
Don’t forget your goal in life What can we take with us to the next life?
Dhamma Talk 33:46
10-11-19 Sati sees – Like a CCTV
A short reminder about sati… Guarding our sense doors is of utmost importance! See the dukkha in your life – It is your motivation!
Dhamma Talk 28:53
6-11-19 Four ways to investigate the body
Body investigation in four ways Four different ways to investigate the body
Dhamma Talk 29:08
30-10-19 Addicted to the game called “Life”
Why is it so difficult to stop thinking!? A thought is just a thought – It’s not reality! Who is in control of the 5 khandhas?
Dhamma Talk 40:02
27-10-19 Thinking about our purpose in life…
Meditation isn’t easy – Just don’t give up! Why are we here in this monastery? Do we really only live one life? Are we fulfilling our goal in life? What can we take with us to the next life?
Dhamma Talk 23:52
26-10-19 We have to sow before we can reap!
The tomorrow of the next life… Nothing in this world comes for free Prepare your backpack for the next life!
Dhamma Talk 06:45
24-10-19 The more teachers we have – The more we get confused!
Forget memory – We need knowingness! Rely on your wisdom – Not your memory! Rely on wisdom – Not memory! Drop your burden of knowledge and enter Nibbana! The more knowledge we have – The more we get confused!
Dhamma Talk 26:17
21-10-19 Experience subject and object becoming one
Sati means knowing every moment of the breath Getting back home to our real home Be an everlasting tourist or find the way out? Do we need someone to tell us what we experience?
Dhamma Talk 42:48
18-10-19 Experience the Dhamma within your own heart!
Dukkha is not only suffering See, smell and taste dukkha! Experience The 4 Noble Truths for yourself Meditation starts the moment you wake up Find the place where there is no dukkha…
Dhamma Talk 45:59
14-10-19 As long as we get angry – We are at fault!
What we see is a projection of our inner-self The world is a projection of our heart Our heart is a slide projector Seeing others as a mirror of ourselves
Dhamma Talk 28:56
7-10-19 3 things we have to understand about the body…
The path to freedom is the 4th Noble Truth Investigating the things we believe we are Understanding the principle of anatta Sharpening the knife of wisdom… Knowledge won’t deliver us to freedom We don’t need to speculate, we need to understand…
Dhamma Talk 46:11
3-10-19 How do we start to develop wisdom?
We really want to understand – What is pain? Learning through experience – Don’t stay stupid! Don’t look for anything but the Buddho!
Dhamma Talk 14:45
29-09-19 We are here to change things – For good!
Meditation gets interesting when we have to fight When meditation gets interesting… If we want freedom, then we have to fight! Meditation is all about experience
Dhamma Talk 30:15
27-09-19 If knowledge could set us free we wouldn’t need to meditate
The perfect place to practice meditation… The First Noble Truth is the truth of dukkha Study your own heart, study the citta Experience is what we have to rely on
Dhamma Talk 33:48
22-09-19 The many benefits of Asubha meditation...
See what lies behind irritation Catch the stone that causes the avalanche! Asubha meditation – See what is beneath the skin
Dhamma Talk 11:06
15-09-19 Get interested how this mind-engine works
Understanding what the hell is going on! See the stone that causes the avalanche See how the magician does his tricks
Dhamma Talk 13:16
9-09-19 The kilesas make us believe we are them
Don’t give the power to the kilesas Are we so stupid to always believe the kilesas?
Dhamma Talk 10:20
3-09-19 The moment we die we have nothing left but our kamma
Reflecting on death... Don't waste your time on useless things Sati & panna are the powers that lead us out of samsara The 3 columns on which we build our house of nibanna
Dhamma Talk 06:33
1-09-19 Learning to use the principle of anatta
Fight by bringing the mind back to one point There’s nothing difficult about observing the breath! Bring up the power of the Dhamma! The kilesas are the hooligans in your heart
Dhamma Talk 20:08
28-08-19 How many lives does it take to become an Arahant?
This is not our first life practising meditation… At the forest university our only interest is meditation Dukkha is our motivation to find the way out Take a holiday from the ego We’re living in a ‘Hollywood dream factory’!
Dhamma Talk 35:20
25-08-19 Meditating in a monastery makes a difference
No matter who we are – we all have kilesas Separate yourself from the world for a while See what is going on in your heart
Dhamma Talk 18:04
23-08-19 We see what we want to see, but it’s not reality!
Use the body to train the citta! Do we really want to stay on the merry-go-round of life? When will you get sick of the hamster wheel of life? Enter the room of samadhi and lock the kilesas out! This world is nothing but an illusion
Dhamma Talk 32:58
18-08-19 Why do we deprive ourselves of happiness?
When will we understand – Thoughts don’t solve problems! Show the heart what is actually going on Is it really nice to be a robot? You don’t have to run away from pain! Desire to find the way out is of utmost importance Desire for freedom is of utmost importance Meditation – Too simple for the Western mind!
Dhamma Talk 21:54
15-08-19 We are here to follow the Dhamma of the Lord Buddha
Take off your dark glasses and see reality! See what is really going on in your citta! Sati - panna are the only weapons to defeat the kilesas
Dhamma Talk 18:55
7-08-19 Make a choice – the door to freedom is in front of you...
Stop running and just be… Find the way out of the hamster wheel! We can’t change the past, so live in the present! We have to understand how the citta is working! When do we want to end the cycle of rebirth?
Dhamma Talk 33:23
4-08-19 Invest in the citta - Not the body!
Accepting our kamma - Rooting out the causes Find the source of kamma within your own heart The most important thing is to accept our kamma Death is coming and Kamma is our inheritance Fighting the kilesas of attachment to the body Why are we so attached to this body? Is working for the body such a good investment?
Dhamma Talk 24:05
31-07-19 A practitioner is a recluse! Don’t forget this
Dhamma doesn't say that 'practice is too difficult' It is only the kilesas who say that 'practice is too difficult' It is the Dhamma that wants to practice – not the kilesas! The only thing that is important is sitting and walking meditation The only important thing is staying with the meditation object Dhamma doesn't talk! It just knows
Dhamma Talk 37:00
28-07-19 Don't meditate like running on a treadmill
Running, running, running - but going nowhere We are here to develop sati! Don't just Meditate hard, meditating correctly! Too lazy to open our eyes Without sati we are blind
Dhamma Talk 42:00
17-07-19 The effort that is needed to get out of Samsara...
Drive out the kilesas that occupy your heart! Jump into the stream that leads you to Nibbana!
Dhamma Talk 57:00
12-07-19 Getting sati up to the speed of the bullet-train!
Why do we still like to live in this illusion? Who says laziness is an enlightenment factor? See how the kilesas constantly trick you! When we have to fight, we can really learn something!
Dhamma Talk 42:00
10-07-19 If you don't find the way out - You're stuck in the hamster wheel!
Every Buddho and every breath is different It takes a long time to open our eyes The longer our meditation, the more we see
Dhamma Talk 00:00
9-07-19 Why do we need to investigate pain?
What is the purpose of pain investigation? Getting to the truth of 'Pain'
Dhamma Talk 09:00
8-07-19 Develop the riches inside your heart
Use your heart, not your head! Just a little meditation and we can find happiness The happiness we can't find in the world We don't need a lot to be happy
Dhamma Talk 23:00
5-07-19 Samadhi - A holiday from our 'Self'
Experience something beyond the world How the kilesas lure us out of meditation It's good to know your enemy! Undermine the power of Avijja Are you willing to fight the onslaught of the kilesas?
Dhamma Talk 52:00
2-07-19 3 virtues we must develop to progress in meditation...
The development of generosity is very important It's not our right to stay at this monastery! Find the truth within your own citta
Dhamma Talk 09:00
28-06-19 Constantly defining who we are - What a waste of time!
Use your time wisely - Practice meditation Becoming a Monk means learning everything anew How does it feel when 'We' are not here? Are we really afraid of freedom? Living without views and opinions... Get comfortable with the uncertainty of the present Ask yourself - What is the body?
Dhamma Talk 40:26
26-06-19 We want to know what 'Pain' really is
Sleeping is not meditation! What is pain - Where does it come from? Samatha is important - We need to get the mind calm When the world becomes too hot - Find a safe haven in meditation The faster we run - The faster we reach the goal
Dhamma Talk 20:55
23-06-19 Don't fall into the trap of automatic living
The world holds you faster than you think; Think about what you are doing - Is it important or not?; Retreat means going back inside ourselves; We have so many choices every moment - We just don't see them
Malaysia 01:34:12
22-06-19 Stand up for your right to be happy!
You can only change your life in the present moment!; A clever way to cut-down on greed; Don't forget your evening reflection!; Reflection brings us back to the human realm; Make boredom interesting!
Malaysia 55:05
22-06-19 Only few people have little sand in their eyes...
What is so difficult about meditation practice!?; Think about what is important in your life; Nothing is difficult when you really want to learn; The quickest way to get into samadhi...
Malaysia 53:26
21-06-19 It's easier to fight a whole army than to fight one's 'Self'
Show the kilesas who is the master!; Whatever we want, we have to give first; Use the laws of the universe to your advantage; Buddhism is the only true religion
Malaysia 47:42
21-06-19 The biggest hurdle in meditation is the body!
If you are tired of life then find the way out!; So busy we forgot to be human; Get out of the body and see that it's not you
Malaysia 59:58
20-06-19 All our life we work for the body - In the end it dies!
The human realm is the perfect place to find the way out ; The first thing we have to learn is concentration; Don't expect to learn to concentrate in 5 days!; Give your citta a rest!
Malaysia 01:03:52
20-06-19 So many different teachings - How can we not get confused?
The importance of understanding dukkha; There's only one power ruling you - The kilesas!; Fighting the kilesas in our quest for liberation
Malaysia 01:24:14
19-06-19 Do we have a choice in life or not?
Where do we end up if we don't keep the 5 precepts?; How many people on this earth know the true religion?; Have you ever heard of dukkha?; Samadhi - The free happy-pill!
Malaysia 59:12
16-06-19 We are enticed by our own thoughts
We're not here for the body - We're here for the citta! The only thing to do right now is 'Buddho'! See that 'we' are not the body Get the insight that you are not your body Do you like to make yourself unhappy? Do you like to worry? Stay with the heart - Whatever happens will happen
Dhamma Talk 38:55
14-06-19 What can you take with you when you die?
The world of reality is the present moment There is a way out of dukkha... Getting more aware of dukkha Trying to control creates dukkha To overcome dukkha we must understand dukkha The kilesas: Creating a world that doesn't exist Likes and dislikes are where our problems begin
Dhamma Talk 42:24
9-06-19 Opening the clock of 'self'
Stop dreaming and live in reality There's nothing difficult about just one Buddho We can't control the weather - We can't even control our thoughts
Dhamma Talk 26:04
31-05-19 Meditation is about trial and error
Problems with tiredness... The breath doesn't disappear – Our interest in it does! We have to fight for each Buddho
Dhamma Talk 35:22
29-05-19 We think we know and we think we understand the Dhamma, but do we really?
First comes the citta - Then comes the body Buddhism is not a preaching religion! Talking about Dhamma is mostly an affair of the kilesas
Dhamma Talk 49:34
26-05-19 Why do we think life is so much fun?
Finding the tools to remove dukkha Don't we have anything better to do than killing time?
Dhamma Talk 53:29
24-05-19 Times have changed but the kilesas have not...
The 5 precepts are our protection Times have changed, but the principles of Dhamma have not… Do we respect the Dhamma or the kilesas? How can we not believe we are the body?
Dhamma Talk 53:29
22-05-19 Real meditation practice means being 'tunnel viewed'
Getting out of 'The Hamster Wheel' – Do you think it is so easy? Is life on the treadmill so much fun? Nothing is difficult about meditation
Dhamma Talk 30:30
18-05-19 Reflecting on the practice of the Lord Buddha
How much dukkha do we have in just one day? The best way to find out what dukkha is...
Dhamma Talk 21:44
18-05-19 Small session of Q&A after breakfast
Q&A 06:48
15-05-19 Find the happiness that goes beyond the world
When are we in the present moment? – When are we alive?; Why open the door to samadhi, but not go in?; Unconditioned is the freedom to choose
Dhamma Talk 35:13
12-05-19 A human birth is difficult to obtain – don't waste your time!
Who says it's too hot to meditate? ; Sati-Panna is the weapon we need to fight the kilesas
Dhamma Talk 35:45
6-05-19 Body investigation is the eye opener
Trying to live peacefully ; What makes us angry?
Dhamma Talk 33:20
4-05-19 Get rid of your programs and live in the uncertainty
Dhamma Talk 13:12
29-04-19 Do we eat to live or live to eat?
What do we have in mind for the rest of our life?; Pave a way that leads out of the hamster wheel; 3 things we don't have in the West – Generosity, gratitude and respect
Dhamma Talk 43:23
26-04-19 Detailed treatment of the practice of daily reflection
Do we live in this world, or in the world of our imagination?; Pain investigation – The sharpening stone for wisdom
Dhamma Talk 30:46
22-04-19 Reflection is that what breaks up our conditioning
Propping up our virtues of generosity, respect, and gratitude; Fear of making mistakes hinders our progress; If we were truly good, we wouldn't be born as human beings; Is the new-age of technology really a step forward?
Malaysia 01:24:36
21-04-19 Reflection is that what differentiates us from animals
Comfort reduces our sati; Daily reflection; Reflection of our actions; What we see in others is the projection of our own heart
Singapore 47:32
21-04-19 It is time to start packing our bags... for the next life
Entertained by our own internal movie-theatre; How to deal with frightening images arising in meditation; Investigation – Ripping the heart open and showing it what it does; What is it that makes us want to change our posture in meditation?; We try to control... But our task is just to observe
Singapore 01:30:25
20-04-19 Chucking out avijja – The lord of our heart
Understanding the First Noble Truth; Killing our time instead of using it wisely; Seeing things that are wrong with other people - how does it relate to us?; Letting go of greed and hate is not a command our heart understands; Bringing up interesting thoughts in order to stir up our energy
Singapore 57:30
20-04-19 Have you ever really been alive?
Remember how we learned to walk?; Conditioning is similar to computer programming; The difference between knowledge and wisdom; Letting our anger out onto others; Difference between reaction and reflection
Singapore 01:29:33
19-04-19 Dukkha starts from the moment we wake up in the morning
Believing that we won't go to hell doesn't make us exempt from it; Learning to shut down our mind-engine; Children don't give up learning to walk. So why do we give up in our meditation?; Forest Monks like secluded places... But they come and teach us out of metta
Singapore 40:05
19-04-19 Is there so much difference between life and a video game?
A Teacher can teach you, but the student must go the path himself; Ask yourself: Do I really want to waste my life?; Are we really the body?; The human realm is the jumping board out of the cycle of birth and death; Can't find the way out of dukkha... So we look for the Dhamma; Who is it in our mind that tells us what to do and how to be?; Developing the flashlight of sati
Singapore 02:01:25
18-04-19 There's something burning in our heart - It's called dukkha!
Where does true happiness come from?; We grow up, get a job, have a family, then die – So what's the purpose of our life?; Training this body takes a long time – is it really worthwhile?; We are everywhere... apart from the present moment; We need some motivation to find the way out of samsara; Why does the word “Hell” bother us so much?; Just believing in god won't get us to heaven; What makes us human beings?; We should learn to respect all beings equally
Singapore 01:59:37
16-04-19 It is in the present moment where we actually live
We can only eat that what we have cooked; Is there too much comfort in our life?; Insights can also come from the kilesas; Can we remember how we came out of the womb?
Dhamma Talk 44:19
14-04-19 Who sees the non-self? - Self!
Where do you think greed and hate come from?; The kilesas can really fool us!; We have so much dukkha but we just don't see it
Dhamma Talk 58:18
10-04-19 We need to find a weapon to fight the onslaught of raga-tanha
Develop your weapon of asubha!; Buddho - the universal aid; Asubha is central to Buddhist practice
Dhamma Talk 24:42
4-04-19 The Kilesas don't go to hell. We do!
Always the same topic... Development of samadhi; No wanting – no dukkha; Asubha is our protection from raga-tanha; Get out of this game of birth and death!
Dhamma Talk 11:14
29-03-19 Why do people turn to Buddhism?
Unlocking our own history of practice; First thing to be done in the day: practice!; There is nothing better that we can do than meditation practice; Opening the door to samadhi; Learn to uproot both – good and bad
Q&A 33:25
27-03-19 Boredom and restlessness are the cause of most of our actions
In the West we don't know that there is a way out; Let's do something useful with our life; We see in other people our own projection; Freedom from likes and dislikes is true freedom
Dhamma Talk 13:19
24-03-19 Develop a place to rest and feel comfortable
Can heavenly beings really help us?; It is human to have wrong opinions; Meditation helps us to reduce the stress; Let the world be the world – do your meditation
Dhamma Talk 26:27
22-03-19 Seeing a Buddhist monk reminds us that there is something else...
With time we don't get any younger; The value of Buddhist monks in the society; Hell is just like a prison for the ones who break the law; How often do we reflect on our actions?
Dhamma Talk 24:05
20-03-19 We so readily give in to kilesas...
All a Teacher wants is for the students to be happy; Tackling sticky 'thoughs' that arise in the mind; After a long time - why can't we still reach samadhi?; Without a fight there won't be any result
Dhamma Talk 06:44
19-03-19 Nobody told us that there is another way of life
What do relatives think of the one who ordains?; Born in the body, die in the body, and never get out of the body; Could we really be the body?; Samsara: the endless wheel of life; Running, running, running... but not going anywhere; Is kamma deterministic? Do we have free will?
Dhamma Talk 24:47
17-03-19 How to live in the world happily?
The Law of Conservation of Energy vs. kamm;a Whatever happens to you is that what you've done onto others; Kamma: a very important part of the Buddhist Teachings; Hell and heaven are not eternal
Morning Talks 36:19
13-03-19 People who are afraid to make mistakes – don't learn
Doing it nicely and correctly – that's where things go wrong; What is the purpose of training as Upatak?; Let's free ourselves from programmed behaviour; Yesterday has passed, tomorrow has not a arrived...; Stay in the present!
Dhamma Talk 25:04
10-03-19 Use your time wisely – don't waste it!
Cognition, knowingness, and sense input ; We are living in the world of labels ; What are we doing with the free time that we have? ; Use your time wisely – don't waste it! ; Can art be turned into meditation? ; Why do we want to stay in our thoughts and memories?
Dhamma Talk 18:57
6-03-19 Why have we locked the door to our heart?
Look for happiness in the heart ; Why have we locked the door to our heart? What is it like to be free? The heart that is free ; Open up the 'lotus' of your heart
Dhamma Talk 31:53
3-03-19 Don't worry about the body
Don't worry about the body ; Ever realized that you have a body?
Q&A 03:42
1-03-19 Preparing now for the afterlife-travel
What will happen to us after death? Preparing now for the afterlife-travel - Running, running, running: like a hamster in his wheel
Dhamma Talk 08:46
24-02-19 Listen to the Dhamma with the heart, not with the brain
Finding the focal point of the heart; Developing knowingness using a meditation object; Can one teach robots to 'walk'?; Should we ever give up Daily Reflection?
Dhamma Talk 28:20
19-02-19 Eating, working, sleeping... Could there be more to life?
Do your pain investigation to break through!; Investigation and samatha: keep them separate
Dhamma Talk 14:09
13-02-19 What is it like to see inside an empty mind?
What is the difference between samadhi and the jhanas?; Light that arises in meditation practice; Samadhi is like digging a hole
Q&A 18:01
10-02-19 The only right we have is our kamma
We only respect ourselves; Our parents earn our highest respects; No progress? Lacking basic principles!; Don't we believe in hell anymore?..
Dhamma Talk 49:34
8-02-19 To develop the Dhamma is a long journey taking lifetimes
We should aim at finding the way out; How Ajahn has come to meet True Dhamma; Is a forest monk an antisocial individual?
Dhamma Talk 55:05
6-02-19 Is this life really so much fun that we want more?
A human life: just working to support our body?; Do you really want to take up another life?; How many lives is enough for us?; Is there something that does NOT change?
Dhamma Talk 57:16
4-02-19 Learning to connect to our heart
Indulging in food and conversation – what is the effect?; What exactly is concentration?; What is the difference between anger and pain?; How I got tricked by the kilesas
Dhamma Talk 18:40
2-02-19 If we don't understand dukkha – we won't find the way out
Take it as your goal to stay with the Buddho; What's the difference between Therevada and Tibetan Buddhism?; Why the Thai Forest Tradition is still alive
Q&A 32:50
31-01-19 What does it mean – a human life?
Plant something you can reap in the next life; Making merit – The more we give the more we have; Life in Samsara – Constantly running but going nowhere; Charging the batteries of the citta
Dhamma Talk 43:10
29-01-19 Remember the first 15 years of your life?
Are we happy with our life?; In this life we must work to get nice things in the next life; Which of the 5 Precepts is the most difficult to keep?; Trips to hell
Morning Talks 06:11
27-01-19 Can meditation make you crazy?
Let the world be the world – You can't change it anyway; How to deal with ghosts; What I don't know – doesn't make me angry; Why do we make our heart hot?
Q&A 45:46
23-01-19 You want to follow your friends to hell, or find the way out?
What do we want to do with the rest of our life?; Faith alone won't lead to anything; Samadhi means freedom from our slave driver; The reality we know is just our imagination
Dhamma Talk 42:25
20-01-19 What is and what is not samadhi practice
The importance of sati; Samadhi is a balancing act; Meditation – seeing the one who is ruling us; The things that I really want to say...
Dhamma Talk 12:31
15-01-19 Choose freedom, or life in the hamster wheel
How does daily reflection undermine the kilesas?; A little more about daily reflection...; More about why daily reflection is so difficult; Don't try to solve problems – just have sati
Q&A 51:32
13-01-19 Break free from the prison of avijja
Every situation has its solution; Meditation is the path to inner freedom; Know what is going on - Develop sati; Our main problem – we try to control
Dhamma Talk 40:46
11-01-19 Did you ever notice you have a body?
Understanding the magic of pain; Scholarly paths: a view of the forest tradition; Did you think that you can do it without samadhi?
Q&A 51:36
8-01-19 Do we really understand what dukkha is?
If we could only see how much dukkha we have; Samadhi – a place beyond likes and dislikes; A human being – the one who is able to reflect
Dhamma Talk 43:57
6-01-19 The forest tradition is all about practise
Do we know our enemy yet?; The importance of body investigation; Why do we look for happiness outside?
Dhamma Talk 37:15
5-01-19 If you misbehave – you have to leave
Two reasons to leave the monastery; Quarrels in a monastery; Losing faith in the Teaching
Morning Talks 01:30
4-01-19 There are amazing things in the heart – why go into the world?
Disconnect from the world & look into the heart; Watch out – The kilesas are our enemy!
Q&A 52:00
2-01-19 One who sees evil within others won't see evil in himself
If only thinking would solve our problems; You can't bargain with the kilesas
Q&A 55:22