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Talks from Ajahn Martin

This website now contains all of Ajahn Martin's recorded talks in English and German (a few in Thai and in French).

Most of the talks were given to laypeople at Baan Taad Forest Monastery who wished to receive instruction on Dhamma and meditation.
Most of the newer talks (from 2013 onwards) were given to newly ordained western monks. The talks are preserved exactly as they were originally given – they have not been cut or corrected. For that reason, they should not be transcribed or translated into another form without Ajahn Martin's written consent.

If you have any questions about the content of the talks, please send an email to

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Date Title Description Album Duration
25-12-17 The only way to kill sexual desire – investigation of the body
Raga-tanha, parajika on sexual intercourse, fear of snakes, sitting and walking position, pain investigation, dealing with expectations
Teatime Q&A 24:12
24-12-17 Too much distraction to find enlightenment?
Can lay people become enlightened? Overcoming tiredness, investigating pain, the purpose of training as 'upataak', about the forest university
Teatime Q&A 30:23
19-12-17 We are running away from freedom
About Mahasi Sayadaw method, anicca anatta dukkha, appana samadhi
Teatime Q&A 25:36
18-12-17 We don't know if we are still alive tomorrow – so start practising meditation today!
The 4 Noble Truths, sila samadhi & panna, attachment to the body
Dhamma Talk 32:20
14-12-17 The basics of meditation practise in 3 sentences
How to find interest in the meditation object, investigating pain, bringing the mind back to the meditation object, finding balance in meditation, learned and practised Dhamma,
Teatime Q&A 32:49
12-12-17 Meditation is all about experience – not imagination
When to investigate pain, problems with methods from other teachers, the danger of studying the Dhamma
Teatime Q&A 47:25
11-12-17 Follow the path to freedom, one step after the other
Factors of enlightenment, patient endurance, Difference between walking and sitting meditation, origins of 'Buddho' meditation, overcoming fear and worries
Teatime Q&A 30:51
10-12-17 Samadhi always makes us refreshed and energised (Chinese - English)
Questions about samadhi practise and pain, how to deal with greed, dealing with ghosts, difference between walking and sitting meditation, origins of 'Buddho' meditation
Chinese 40:17
9-12-17 Meditation is neither hard nor easy; it's just work
Meditation practise in China, What is sati and samadhi? Distractions of the kilesas, how kamma works, dedicating merit, questions about samadhi practise and pain. “Why?” is not the right question, facing unpleasant feelings, how to deal with greed, dealing with ghosts, upacara samadhi, metta meditation
Teatime Q&A 01:03:53
9-12-17 A true samana withdraws from the world and turns inside
The path of a samana (seeker), renouncing the world, the nature of the universe – anicca, dukkha, anatta, the 5 khandas, the fruits of the Buddhist practice, living in solitude, Investigating the nature of the body
Dhamma Talk 53:43
8-12-17 Sati makes all the difference (Chinese - English)
Meditation practise in China, What is sati and samadhi? Distractions of the kilesas, how kamma works, dedicating merit
Chinese 49:40
7-12-17 Daily reflection – observing, not judging (Chinese - English)
How to do daily reflection, feeling guilty is useless
Chinese 28:03
6-12-17 The correct way to practise metta meditation (Chinese - English)
Correct method of metta meditation, dealing with fear, the experience of samadhi, avoiding animal talk
Chinese 38:23
6-12-17 Daily reflection – observing, not judging
Investigating pain, dealing with ghosts, learning from difficulties, talking disturbs the citta, what is pain? Correct method of metta meditation, dealing with fear, the experience of samadhi, avoiding animal talk, how to do daily reflection, feeling guilty is useless
Teatime Q&A 49:41
4-12-17 The important thing in meditation is not to give up (Chinese - English)
Investigating pain, dealing with ghosts, metta meditation, learning from difficulties, talking disturbs the citta, what is pain?
Chinese 37:52
3-12-17 Not wanting to control is freedom
The Four Noble Truths, fighting the kilesas, generosity, gratitude and respect, Samadhi, body investigation
Dhamma Talk 49:28
3-12-17 The shortest path up the hill to Nibbana
Methods from other teachers, anapanasati and jhana
Teatime Q&A 29:37
2-12-17 The important thing is the mind (Chinese - English)
Health issues in meditation, The body and mind are not one thing, overcoming tiredness
Chinese 35:45
2-12-17 Punishing one's self feeds the kilesas
Health issues in meditation, the body and mind are not one thing, overcoming tiredness, problems with Christian views
Teatime Q&A 40:53
29-11-17 Without a fight you won't win (Chinese - English)
Basics of samadhi practice, dealing with disturbing sounds, dealing with fear, walking meditation practicing the whole day, developing fighting spirit
Chinese 52:23
29-11-17 Without a fight you won't win
Basics of samadhi practice, dealing with disturbing sounds, dealing with fear, walking meditation practicing the whole day, developing fighting spirit
Teatime Q&A 24:38
6-11-17 Avoid going to hell by doing the right things (morning)
The Physical heart: an indicator for our wrongdoings Make meditation your number one priority Watch your heart – that's where everything arises
Malaysia 29:27
5-11-17 The way out of the hamster wheel (evening)
The law of kamma: difficult to accept and really scary! What real meditation practise is all about
Malaysia 01:38:05
5-11-17 Modern technology – destroying our human value (morning)
Stop worrying, just be aware of what is going into the heart Before correcting others, correct yourself
Malaysia 01:12:17
4-11-17 What are the dangers of our existence? (evening)
Malaysia 01:05:39
4-11-17 Centering the mind is hard work (morning)
Finding the right meditation teacher
Malaysia 59:44
3-11-17 Appana-samadhi: a preview of nibbana (evening Q&A)
Malaysia 48:31
3-11-17 Entering the stream opens the door to the deathless (evening)
Are you still not tired of the body? Now do you know what the purpose of life is? So much dukkha, but we don't want to see it
Malaysia 59:20
3-11-17 Why do we think the body is beautiful? (morning)
Don't look what others do, look what you are doing Do something worthwhile, while you are a human being
Malaysia 01:08:09
2-11-17 Dealing with anger before it explodes (evening Q&A)
How to deal with anger in a controlled way A good way to learn how to deal with anger
Malaysia 51:36
2-11-17 We are living in a world of our own symbols (evening)
Why do we put up with so much dukkha?
Malaysia 01:09:58
2-11-17 Eating, working and sleeping – Isn't there more to life than this? (morning)
Vipassana means seeing inside your heart
Malaysia 50:39
1-11-17 How to advance your meditation practise as a layperson (Q&A)
The kilesa-thieves: stealing our time, attention & energy Reflection makes us human beings Ask yourself, is what you are doing really useful?
Malaysia 01:07:39
1-11-17 As long as we can breathe, we can practise meditation
fight for your right to be happy? Learning through experience
Malaysia 52:59
31-10-17 Why do we do the asubha practice?
Dealing with unpleasant feelings, the four elements, Vinaya, Hell, torture
Teatime Q&A 26:32
30-10-17 Solving the contradiction about the body
The asubha practice in detail, overcoming difficulties
Teatime Q&A 26:28
25-10-17 Is there an easy way to reach the deathless?
Contemplating the deathless? Appana samadhi or Bavangha? What gets reborn? What is avijja?
Teatime Q&A 46:52
22-10-17 Trial and error is the way of meditation practice
About correct sitting posture, sati during conversations, relection on our actions
Teatime Q&A 23:34
20-10-17 So many places where we can meditate – so why come here?
Basics of Buddho meditation, sharpening stone of dukkha vedana, uncondition ourselves
Teatime Q&A 28:20
20-10-17 The need to see and understand dukkha
The dukkha of the body and citta, investigating pain and fear, daily reflection
Dhamma Talk 25:05
19-10-17 Why speculate? Open your eyes and see for yourself
About the Jhanas and samadhi, experience vs the language of labels
Teatime Q&A 26:01
18-10-17 Dig a little deeper and find the happiness in the heart
Determination to go back to the meditation object, daily reflection, why are we born in a certain country?
Teatime Q&A 11:52
15-10-17 Cutting down on sleep - cutting down on the kilesas
How much should we sleep? Breaking bad habits, dealing with fear
Teatime Q&A 15:36
6-10-17 The three missing qualities in western mediators
What motivates mass murderers, how we influence each other, Generosity, gratitude, respect
Teatime Q&A 01:15:28
28-09-17 How to practice meditation at “The Forest University”
Not looking at the faults of others, Upacara & apanna samadhi, maintaining sati throughout the day, the principle of anatta
Dhamma Talk 49:33
26-09-17 The training of the Upataak is the training of sati
The training of an upataak, What is the “ego”? evening reflection, developing patience
Teatime Q&A 18:35
25-09-17 Reducing anger by correcting wrong views
Does concentration reduce anger? Fear of heights, cutting down on wrong views, living with Luangta Maha Boowa
Teatime Q&A 22:28
24-09-17 The practice of asubha
How to deal with drowsiness, how to practice asubha
Teatime Q&A 14:38
22-09-17 Getting off the kilesas hook
Dealing with restlessness, meditation and hypochondria, how modern technology reduces our concentration, about psychedelic drugs, the benefits of chanting
Teatime Q&A 18:45
20-09-17 Wake up from your dream - develop sati
Maintaining sati outside sitting and walking meditation, What is pain? Developing common wisdom with daily reflection, Investigation – the heart is the only thing that can understand
Dhamma Talk 29:02
20-09-17 How can one be mindful but not have any sati?
The loathsomeness of food, how long should we sit in meditation for? How do we train sati in daily life? The difference between sati and minfulness, dealing with restlessness, Know what you are doing! – That is the training of sati
Teatime Q&A 22:56
18-09-17 Do we have sati? Do we know what we are doing?
Being aware of what we are doing, what should we investigate? reducing greed for food
Teatime Q&A 25:04
17-09-17 You can't change the world but you can change yourself
The correct approach to meditation, about enlightenment factors, Kammic actions & consequences, Problems with the body start inside the Citta
Teatime Q&A 14:55
16-09-17 True understanding cannot be doubted
Investigation of the 5 khandhas, true understanding cannot be doubted, do certain foods increase sexual desire?
Teatime Q&A 30:24
15-09-17 Understanding and insight are two different things
Who/what are the kilesas? Wrong ideas about meditation, developing patience, 'Why?' is not the right question, Making the Citta our tool, Destroying the illusion about the body
Dhamma Talk 43:15
14-09-17 Meditation is so simple - we just can't believe it
How technology makes us stupid, Is meditation selfish? Understanding what is pain, how the kilesas fool us with Dhamma
Teatime Q&A 34:50
13-09-17 Pain – the perfect meditation object
Investigating pain and fear, a way to overcome drowsiness, the stage of stream enterer & misunderstandings about the 3rd fetter, about the Vinaya
Teatime Q&A 51:58
12-09-17 'Comfortable' is the language of the kilesas
Developing Sati, Meditation whilst living in the world, comfort hindering our progress
Teatime Q&A 48:03
11-09-17 Investigation – Finding the wood that fuels the fire
Solving problems through investigation, past lives, where do greed & hate come from?
Teatime Q&A 32:07
11-09-17 Become clever by asking the right questions
What is sati? The dukkha of the body, Using memory wisely, investigating the body & feelings
Dhamma Talk 42:37
9-09-17 Turning the weapons of the kilesas against them
Not controlling the breath, why do people want to become a Monk? About supernatural powers, the purpose of body contemplation
Teatime Q&A 34:46
7-09-17 Breaking the identification with the body
Pain investigation, starting asubha meditation, dealing with irritation, cutting down on lust
Teatime Q&A 27:00
4-09-17 Taking responsibility for the monastery
Taking responsibility, different types of body contemplation, 2 types of thinking, Faith vs wisdom
Teatime Q&A 33:52
1-09-17 How much pleasure does this body really give us?
The dukkha of the body and the six senses, Anicca & anatta, false promises of the kilesas, the 10 fetters that bind us to samsara
Dhamma Talk 47:05
23-08-17 Dhamma that goes to the root of all problems
Anapanasati or Buddho meditation?Correct way to use reflection, Metta meditation, benefits of pain investigation
Teatime Q&A 57:12
22-08-17 Are you up to the task to become a real human being?
“I don't care” is not the right attitude, Sati is “knowingness”, without effort and determination there is no path to freedom, finding motivation, daily reflection
Dhamma Talk 24:33
20-08-17 Unconditioning – When the world becomes completely fresh
Using 'not sure' to break down thoughts, the definition of crazy, how greed and hate colour our perceptions, the meaning of 'unconditioned'
Teatime Q&A 27:30
18-08-17 Ask yourself – What the hell is going on!?
Daily reflection, Keeping sati in daily life, the good and evil within us, the workings of kamma
Teatime Q&A 39:24
16-08-17 Just do the work and the results will come
Dealing with fear, maintaining interest in meditation, asubha meditation, problem with expectations, the armies of greed & hate
Teatime Q&A 46:48
16-08-17 Understanding the universe within
Taking care of the Monastery, suggestive power of the kilesas, reflecting on one's actions, Investigating the body and pain
Dhamma Talk 44:06
13-08-17 The best decisions come from the heart
How to make important decisions, kamma, investigating pain, Christian meditation, finding motivation
Teatime Q&A 48:13
7-08-17 Do you want to live in reality, or just your imagination?
Non-self nature of the 5 khandhas, The fruits of concentration & wisdom, being fooled by the kilesas, asubha meditation
Dhamma Talk 39:30
5-08-17 What is the “Middle Way”?
Thoughts and intentions, psychology and sexual desire, pain investigation
Teatime Q&A 43:22
4-08-17 The only teaching that goes beyond heaven
Investigating problems, dealing with regret, sharing merit, when to start teaching, Christianity, faith & trust
Teatime Q&A 44:58
2-08-17 Is there such thing as a sati-pill?
Arahants, Meister Eckhart, drugs and meditation
Teatime Q&A 01:07:15
30-07-17 Going through the training of a war elephant
Views & opinions are an obstacle on the path, catching and training the war elephant, samadhi is not an option, making the mind calm, we only get paid if we do the work, everything is changing - no experience will ever be the same
Dhamma Talk 43:07
28-07-17 What is “pride” and where does it come from?
Kamma, asubha practice, dealing with irritation & anger; Pain investigation; The illusion of the self; The importance of the spiritual friend / teacher;
Teatime Q&A 35:17
27-07-17 Fighting the kilesas like a boxer in the ring
Purpose of a tea break, pain investigation, fighting the kilesas, effort and determination
Teatime Q&A 38:52
24-07-17 How many people go to heaven or Nibbana, and how many to hell?
About ghosts & death; Immorality in the West; Spiritual warriors, not preachers; The experience of stream-entry; The first 3 fetters explained; The delusion of 'Self';
Teatime Q&A 56:02
23-07-17 Our false sense of security
The nature of the kilesas and how to fight them; Our false sense of security
Teatime Q&A 24:13
23-07-17 Three important virtues on the path to freedom
Understanding the 1st Noble Truth, 3 important virtues – generosity, gratitude & respect. The 8 precepts
Dhamma Talk 33:22
20-07-17 Understanding the true nature of our body
What is dukkha? Attachment to the body, greed and hatred, the bliss of samadhi, reflecting about the body, asubha practice
Teatime Q&A 32:57
16-07-17 Fire up your engine to get free from dukkha
Do you want to live in reality, or just your imagination?, finding motivation, developing sati & samadhi, interest in the meditation object, reflecting on birth to death
Dhamma Talk 44:09
15-07-17 Wrong views about dukkha in the west
The power of samadhi, the experience of deep samadhi, tips & tricks to develop samadhi. Wrong views in the west about dukkha. Body is born to die.
Teatime Q&A 34:31
14-07-17 Painful feeling; the best sharping stone for sati
Knowingness of the Buddho or the breath, painful feeling: the best sharping stone for sati, the different degrees of sati. Difference between consciousness and awareness. How we live in a dream world made of symbols. Dependent Orgination.
Teatime Q&A 32:16
12-07-17 Daily reflection is the stepping-stone to wisdom
Advice on Buddho/breath meditation; Stepping stone for investigation is the evening reflection; Body contemplation: how/when to start; Pain investigation; Dealing with positive/negative thoughts
Teatime Q&A 38:42
9-07-17 Wake up - see what is going on
The 5 khandhas and the observer; Body is like an avatar; Dukkha and desire; Increasing sati to catch our intentions
Teatime Q&A 42:09
9-07-17 Sati - Panna is our only hope to battle the kilesas
Sati/taking care of one's teacher/samadhi and investigation
Dhamma Talk 25:52
8-07-17 Switch off your autopilot & start living
Dhamma Talk 18:43
6-07-17 Are you just mindful or do you really have sati?
Explanation of sati, the citta and its facets, panna/wisdom through observation, the building of the Ego/Atta, the experience of deep samadhi, letting go of our beliefs, walking meditation, interest & boredom
Teatime Q&A 55:39
1-07-17 If you don't open your eyes, you don't see what you stumble over
Reading Dhamma books, the relation between Sila, Samadhi & Panna, Sati, the young generation & distraction, asubha to fight ragha tanha
Teatime Q&A 17:14
26-06-17 Freedom from the “robot society”
Motivation & determination, distractions and hindrances to the practice, dealing with the kilesas, details about hell
Teatime Q&A 01:34:32
24-06-17 Strive and taste true happiness
Dukkha, the purpose of life, samsara like a hamster-wheel, the “I” & the 5 khandhas, the 5 precepts, the experience of samadhi, body investigation, living like robots
Teatime Q&A 34:55
24-06-17 An easy life - is that the only reason to become a monk?
The path of practice, motivation & determination, sati & panna, dukkha, the way to contentment
Dhamma Talk 30:23
2-06-17 Investigating the body until it clicks
Let an experience be an experience – stop analyzing them
Germany 49:17
24-05-17 Do the work and you'll get the results
Kamma is so just. Let's become human beings. Investigation is that what cleans the citta. Stop thinking - that is the best thing. Talks in Penang, Malaysia May 2017
Malaysia 01:23:35
23-05-17 Stop thinking and start living!
Experience the realm beyond thinking. Talks in Penang, Malaysia May 2017
Malaysia 01:08:07
22-05-17 Whatever we need is right there in the heart
What is the purpose of our life? We are born to wait for death. What are you going to do with the time that you have? The teachings of the Lord Buddha are still up to date. We are completely unaware of what is going on. Talks in Penang, Malaysia May 2017
Malaysia 01:12:31
21-05-17 To be controlled or not controlled. That is here the question
Talks in Penang, Malaysia May 2017
Malaysia 01:09:50
20-05-17 Q&A concerning asubha practice (evening Q&A)
Talks in Penang, Malaysia May 2017
Malaysia 38:09
20-05-17 Meditation about death (evening)
Meditation instructions in Penang, Malaysia May 2017
Guided Meditation 13:01
20-05-17 Meditation about asubha (evening)
Meditation instructions in Penang, Malaysia May 2017
Guided Meditation 22:51
20-05-17 About death and asubha practice (evening)
Talks in Penang, Malaysia May 2017
Malaysia 48:16
20-05-17 Your life is lived, but you are not living your life! (morning)
Talks in Penang, Malaysia May 2017
Malaysia 01:31:15
19-05-17 How to develop asubha practice (evening Q&A)
Talks in Penang, Malaysia May 2017
Malaysia 01:20:45
19-05-17 How to develop sati and concentration (evening)
Talks in Penang, Malaysia May 2017
Malaysia 29:18
19-05-17 Being busy with our life, while forgetting to live (morning)
Talks in Penang, Malaysia May 2017
Malaysia 01:32:51
18-05-17 How to stop living on autopilot (evening)
Talks in Penang, Malaysia May 2017
Malaysia 01:02:15
18-05-17 We live like being on autopilot (morning)
Talks in Penang, Malaysia May 2017
Malaysia 01:16:52
17-05-17 What exactly is the citta? (evening Q&A)
Talks in Penang, Malaysia May 2017
Malaysia 01:01:40
17-05-17 Tips and tricks to live a happy life (evening)
Talks in Penang, Malaysia May 2017
Malaysia 50:15
17-05-17 We have multiple choices but not freedom (morning)
Talks in Penang, Malaysia May 2017
Malaysia 01:23:38
16-05-17 The basics of investigation (evening Q&A)
Starting out investigation, Talks in Penang, Malaysia May 2017
Malaysia 38:23
16-05-17 A recipe for happiness (evening)
Why do we do the things that we do?, Talks in Penang, Malaysia May 2017
Malaysia 01:04:58
16-05-17 Death is coming - don't just wait! (morning)
Talks in Penang, Malaysia May 2017
Malaysia 39:59
15-05-17 Who is really in control of us? (evening Q&A)
Talks in Penang, Malaysia may 2017
Malaysia 57:08
15-05-17 What makes us truly human? (evening)
Choose the path you have never walked before, happiness costs only effort, what is really important in your life?, Talks in Penang, Malaysia May 2017
Malaysia 54:32
29-04-17 Can an Arahant become a Buddha?
Buddahood and Arahantship, difference between Buddhist traditions, how to repay one's teacher, overcoming tiredness
Dhamma Talk 56:51
26-04-17 The no. 1 weapon against the kilesas
Fighting the kilesas, knowledge vs. wisdom, monks training, the Dhamma as a snake, daily reflection
Dhamma Talk 01:10:59
24-04-17 The real knowingness
Teatime: Meditation like digging a hole, not looking for results, difficulties starting meditation, doubt about the path
Teatime Q&A 41:25
21-04-17 Teatime Q&A
Ajahn Mun and Ajahn Maha Boowa and Arahants, Schmerzen untersuchen/Pain investigation, Zen-Master and move from Buddhism to China, Buddhism in Thailand, monk-hood, Ajahn Martin's path of practice, Erich Fromm
Teatime Q&A 14:07
21-04-17 Uncondition yourself – don't be a robot
The unconditioned, investigating heat/cold, gratitude, why to become a Monk, correct approach to develop calm
Dhamma Talk 56:43
20-04-17 Teatime Q&A 20 April
Investigating heat, dukkha vedana, practice of Luangta Maha Boowa, restlessness, stay with the buddho to rest the body
Teatime Q&A 38:26
19-04-17 Teatime Q&A 19 April
Observing objectively, to develop sati is No.1 priority, not wasting time sleeping too long, the 5 khandhas, the forest university, assuming is not understanding, stick to the buddho
Teatime Q&A 30:42
16-04-17 Teatime Q&A 16 April
Ajahn Mun and Ajahn Maha Boowa and Arahants, Schmerzen untersuchen/Pain investigation, Zen-Master and move from Buddhism to China, Buddhism in Thailand, monk-hood, Ajahn Martin's path of practice, Erich Fromm
Teatime Q&A 48:29
15-04-17 Why are we born?
Why are we born? Fighting greed and hate, kamma and its results, perseverance, expectations, levels of practice
Dhamma Talk 33:45
13-04-17 Making decisions from the heart
Teatime: Kamma, determination and effort, kilesas
Teatime Q&A 26:05
7-04-17 Living together in harmony
Dhamma talk, topics: living in a community, living together in harmony, looking after ones teacher, asubha practice, dealing with anger and greed, conceit/ego
Dhamma Talk 42.40
19-03-17 Get your act together, don't think the next life is better
Dhamma talk, topics: Body and feeling investigation, body and citta are two different things, energy, determination, samadhi
Dhamma Talk 47.23
12-03-17 Catching out the thieving kilesas
Dhamma talk: setting a life goal, sense restraint, meditation at home, investigating body and feelings
Dhamma Talk 54.56
8-03-17 “I don't care” is not the right attitude
Dhamma talk: Factors of enlightenment, living together in harmony, determination and effort, selfishness
Dhamma Talk 44.45
7-03-17 Explore the universe within
Q&A: about animal life, the 5 khandhas, how consciousness works, 2 types of memory, how the mind works
Teatime Q&A 35.05
6-03-17 Only two choices: stay in the hamster wheel of life, or get out
Q&A: about Buddhism in Myanmar, asubha practice, the 5 khandhas, fighting our beliefs, running from the kilesas, finding energy
Teatime Q&A 1h:09.17
5-03-17 Kilesas: their tricks and how they work
Q&A: about the kilesas
Dhamma Talk 34.15
3-03-17 Body investigation
Teatime Q&A 58:38
2-03-17 Kilesas, power of Sati
Teatime: questions about Kamma, what happens if you have sati, kilesas
Teatime Q&A 32:01
1-03-17 Kamma, Sati, Practice
Teatime: questions about Karma & Sati, how to practice and what is important, understanding the constellation of our kamma
Teatime Q&A 49:18
18-02-17 We must find our own motivation
developing wisdom, sila, samadhi, panna, superpowers and sila
Dhamma Talk 20:06
12-02-17 Dealing with difficulties
reflection, teaching the heart, how to deal with difficulties
Dhamma Talk 24:34
11-02-17 You reap what you sow - The law of kamma
Dhamma Talk 17.45
6-02-17 Sati is the key
sati, knowingness, do one thing after the other, stop thinking
Dhamma Talk 11:13
1-02-17 We fall for our own creations
Dhamma Talk 1.01.43
29-01-17 Addicted to life
Dhamma Talk 1.05.28
27-01-17 Lost in the videogame called life
Dhamma Talk 57.19
25-01-17 Practice and see the truth for yourself
Dhamma Talk 1.34.44
22-01-17 Life after life after life – when will we be satisfied?
Dhamma Talk 1:09:19
20-01-17 Meditation is not all about happiness
Dhamma Talk 01:01:36
20-01-17 How to deal with sloth and torpor
Question and Answers in french and english
Dhamma Talk 25.30
18-01-17 The body- the house of greed & hate
Dhamma Talk 52.53
15-01-17 Just a little sati would help
Talk to monks
Dhamma Talk 19:50
15-01-17 The nagger within
Dhamma Talk 1:04:33
14-01-17 We run like programs
Dhamma Talk 1:19:21
12-01-17 There is no happy pill
Dhamma Talk 1.36.05
12-01-17 No thoughts no worries
Dhamma Talk 35.44
8-01-17 To fight oneself hurts the most
Talk to monks.
Dhamma Talk 38:37
4-01-17 What exactly is sati?
Talk to monks.
Dhamma Talk 38:34
2-01-17 Investigation and calm are 2 different things
Dhamma Talk 18.52