Thai Forest Dhamma

in the tradition of Lungphu Mun Bhuridatto

and his western disciples

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Talks from Ajahn Martin

This website now contains all of Ajahn Martin's recorded talks in English and German (a few in Thai and in French).

Most of the talks were given to laypeople at Baan Taad Forest Monastery who wished to receive instruction on Dhamma and meditation.
Most of the newer talks (from 2013 onwards) were given to newly ordained western monks. The talks are preserved exactly as they were originally given – they have not been cut or corrected. For that reason, they should not be transcribed or translated into another form without Ajahn Martin's written consent.

If you have any questions about the content of the talks, please send an email to

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Date Title Description Album Duration
30-12-09 The experience of a Koan: the Knowingness
Dhamma Talk 16.39
27-12-09 Contemplating death: What is afraid to die?
Dhamma Talk 29.01
25-12-09 Investigation of sickness
Dhamma Talk 47.38
20-12-09 Helpful on the path: Anger or Interest
Dhamma Talk 42.31
13-12-09 Effortless walking meditation
Dhamma Talk 61.24
11-12-09 The eightfold Path
Dhamma Talk 88.18
9-12-09 Enforcing Practice: Investigation of Pain
Dhamma Talk 83.48
6-12-09 Body Contemplation
Dhamma Talk 63.49
4-12-09 Rebirth
Dhamma Talk 50.34
2-12-09 Open your eyes and see .. but we close them and run away
Dhamma Talk 68.4
29-11-09 Sati – awareness – interest
Dhamma Talk 69.55
27-11-09 Whatever we think, that's the truth for us
Dhamma Talk 69.38
25-11-09 Sati: Objective quality of knowing
Dhamma Talk 47.2
15-11-09 Developing wisdom: even consciousness ceases
Dhamma Talk 64.08
6-11-09 What is Self? The 5 khandhas are not Self
Dhamma Talk 50.59
4-11-09 Fighting for inner freedom – fighting against Self!
Dhamma Talk 48.35
1-11-09 The right way of practicing samadhi
Dhamma Talk 52.37
30-10-09 If we just could understand the Truth of dukkha! ***
Dhamma Talk 47.37
18-10-09 Programming our “biological” robot
Dhamma Talk 48.14
16-10-09 Sensual – Sexual desire; kamma
Dhamma Talk 61.2
27-09-09 The reason for doing ascetic practices
Dhamma Talk 36
18-09-09 Experience leads to wisdom: Investigation
Dhamma Talk 34.26
16-09-09 The World of experience; the problem of conceit
Dhamma Talk 57.52
6-09-09 What to do to destroy the kilesas
Dhamma Talk 76.28
26-08-09 Making ourselves attractive to attract the other sex
Dhamma Talk 75.09
21-08-09 Disbelieving the kilesas: Anatta
Dhamma Talk 24.44
9-08-09 Intention creates kamma and kamma goes to the next life
Dhamma Talk 51.27
7-08-09 We just like to play, irresponsible, like computer games
Dhamma Talk 18.44
5-08-09 If the world would run just our way, there would be no dukkha
Dhamma Talk 86.43
23-04-09 Believing in our Lord and Master: Avijja **
Dhamma Talk 71.23
30-03-09 If we can't see the visible thorns in daily life, how can we remove the invisible on the path of our practice? **
Dhamma Talk 35.46
22-03-09 Our practice like training the kings war-elephant **
Dhamma Talk 36.18
16-03-09 Dissatisfaction that comes along with the senses **
Dhamma Talk 32.25
15-03-09 The hair in the soup: dissatisfaction **
Dhamma Talk 29.55
9-03-09 The right way to listen to Dhamma **
Dhamma Talk 52.01
3-03-09 Wrong attitude – coping with difficulties **
Dhamma Talk 44.56
27-02-09 Basic conduct in a monastery
Dhamma Talk 29.33
20-02-09 Using others and being used by others
Dhamma Talk 45.35
11-02-09 All the problems lie within the citta – not the body!
Dhamma Talk 48.58
9-02-09 Criticizing others to feel good is just not the way!
Dhamma Talk 28.12
5-02-09 Fun is: heating up in the fire, then cooling down
Constantly guard against the sense doors especially with praise & blame because it burns the heart. Question oneself: why do I need to react or defend or justify it if I have confidence or sure of what I’m doing. Why the need to defend or justify?
Dhamma Talk 43.26
1-02-09 Whatever we do comes back to us
Dhamma Talk 62.5
23-01-09 Training calm, developing samadhi
Dhamma Talk 31.13
9-01-09 What is Self, what is the citta?
“Who am I?” Question oneself. “Am I always like that?” Check the sanna and sankhara- stay apart. Sanna & sankhara are not me, not I, not mine, not myself. Teach the citta, anicca, dukkha and anatta. Nothing is constant, all phenomena are anicca including the changing moments of “self” or “I”. Always ask oneself “Am I always like this?” to teach the citta that thoughts, feelings, memories change at quickly, so do not take ownership of sanna sankhara.
Dhamma Talk 42.36
4-01-09 We are the culprit – Be responsible!
Take your responsibilities. We are owner of our own kamma and kamma is our heritage.
Dhamma Talk 41.16
2-01-09 The need for respect, gratitude and generosity
Dhamma Talk 53.02