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in the tradition of Lungphu Mun Bhuridatto

and his western disciples

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Talks from Ajahn Martin

This website now contains all of Ajahn Martin's recorded talks in English and German (a few in Thai and in French).

Most of the talks were given to laypeople at Baan Taad Forest Monastery who wished to receive instruction on Dhamma and meditation.
Most of the newer talks (from 2013 onwards) were given to newly ordained western monks. The talks are preserved exactly as they were originally given – they have not been cut or corrected. For that reason, they should not be transcribed or translated into another form without Ajahn Martin's written consent.

If you have any questions about the content of the talks, please send an email to

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Date Title Description Album Duration
30-05-22 The three prerequisites
Dhamma Talk 24:05
28-05-22 ZoomSession on the 28th of May 2022
Dhamma Talk 01:24:38
24-05-22 About peace and harmony in a monastery
Dhamma Talk 08:26
15-05-22 Developing wisdom
Dhamma Talk 17:28
13-05-22 If you have a goal look for the place where you can achieve it
Dhamma Talk 06:40
6-05-22 Samadhi and Jhana
Dhamma Talk 11:02
4-05-22 Samadhi: Chasing after feelings
Dhamma Talk 02:59
30-04-22 Because we don't understand the truth of dukkha, we don't look for the way out
Dhamma Talk 19:36
27-04-22 Questions about Practice
Dhamma Talk 22:35
23-04-22 ZoomSession on 23-04-2022
Dhamma Talk 01:20:08
16-04-22 How to develop sati
Dhamma Talk 11:33
14-04-22 How to practice here
Dhamma Talk 13:46
3-04-22 Questions about practice
Dhamma Talk 11:18
2-04-22 About practicing samadhi
Dhamma Talk 12:12
30-03-22 How to overcome sleepiness
Dhamma Talk 08:50
26-03-22 Zomm Session 26-03-2022
Dhamma Talk 01:07:52
26-03-22 How to deal with tensions while practicing samadhi
Dhamma Talk 25:56
23-03-22 Question about fasting
Dhamma Talk 09:54
20-03-22 We as human beings are here to do enough bad and good to go to hell and heaven, before we come back as humans again
Dhamma Talk 11:54
17-03-22 Now it is especially important to practice
Dhamma Talk 08:26
13-03-22 Times of War Are Times to Practice!
Dhamma Talk 54:26
10-03-22 A question about daily reflection
Dhamma Talk 05:28
9-03-22 We do have a body, but are seldom aware of it!
Dhamma Talk 35:47
7-03-22 About the heart and knowingness
Dhamma Talk 16:00
2-03-22 Questions about entering samadhi
Dhamma Talk 23:30
26-02-22 Zoom Session Q&A (All kind of questions and answers)
Dhamma Talk 01:46:39
25-02-22 “Am I practicing the right way”
Dhamma Talk 09:21
22-02-22 About practicing samadhi
Dhamma Talk 20:00
20-02-22 Practicing asubha
Dhamma Talk 05:59
19-02-22 The way to practice asubha
Dhamma Talk 18:22
16-02-22 Forest University
Dhamma Talk 02:17
13-02-22 How to cut down on greed for food
Dhamma Talk 05:14
5-02-22 Question about Asubha Practice
Dhamma Talk 05:44
4-02-22 The laypeople coming here are not our servants!
Dhamma Talk 03:40
4-02-22 Questions about the Practice
Dhamma Talk 08:10
2-02-22 Questions about the Practice
Dhamma Talk 57:19
31-01-22 Investigation without sati does not bring results
Dhamma Talk 01:01:01
23-01-22 Dhamma Questions
Dhamma Talk 13:02
22-01-22 The more we study, the more stupid we become in the Dhamma
Dhamma Talk 03:51
9-01-22 I don't like people complaining
Dhamma Talk 01:51
8-01-22 Zoom Session: Questions and Answers
Dhamma Talk 01:15:52