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Dhamma talk given byAjahn Martin
TitleGet a handle on your life and observe what you are doing (morning)
Date10 Nov 2016
LocationPenang (Malaysia)
Content / Description

Talk given at Bodhi Heart Sanctuary - Penang (Malaysia). Human beings: without access to our heart, how do we differ from robots?; Attitude: observe what you are doing, do good deeds, don't do unwholesome things, be generous, have respect and gratitude; Anicca, anatta & dukkha: they are core principles of Buddhism; Kilesas: they build the castle of "self", everything we want, we like or don't want or don't like. Everything we think we are, it's the kilesas; Avijja: it's the master mind, we need to get rid of it and then we're free; The 10 fetters to overcome to become liberated; Problems & difficulties: they arise in our own hearts, so it's here we have to look not outside; Meditation retreat: we restrain the senses to see more clearly the kilesas; Session of Q&A: Samadhi: we need a firm base of practice, we need to have a fix point of reference. "it's useless just to concentrate on awareness"; Experience of one-pointedness: "all what you know is that you dive in and then you dive out"; How to listen to a Dhamma talk with the heart; What kind of Dhamma and meditation for children; How to start body contemplation: focus on one part of the body until you can visualize it;