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Dhamma talk given byAjahn Martin
TitleWe are heartless people, for we live disconnected from our hearts (evening)
Date9 Nov 2016
LocationPenang (Malaysia)
Content / Description

Talk given at Bodhi Heart Sanctuary - Penang (Malaysia). Retreat: it means “retreating” to ourselves; Dream: we live in a dream, dreaming about the future and the past, never in the present moment; Lord Buddha's teaching: so logical and easy to understand, yet difficult to do; Science: we cannot rely on it when we practice, but on the knowingness inside our heart; Kilesas: why do we let them come up? Why do we deprive ourselves from happiness? That's something we should ask ourselves; Training meditation is like learning to walk: falling over and trying again without giving up; What is avijja: wanting to know and understand but not in line with the truth; Social-networking: why do we need to post our whole life on this? Is it out of boredom or to prove something? Kamma: it's written in our genes at birth (like the time of our death); Desire (food, sexual craving): we always need something different, not satisfied with what we have; Problems: they only exist in our head, the moment we start to think; How to use money wisely according to the Lord Buddha: 30% for the present needs, 30% for generosity and 40% as savings for the future; Kamma: examples of what leads to wealth, beauty, ugliness etc. Sotapanna: the 3 fetters to cut to enter the stream.