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Dhamma talk given byAjahn Martin
TitleStop dreaming - start practicing! There is no happy pill! (evening)
Date8 Nov 2016
LocationPenang (Malaysia)
Content / Description

Talk given at Bodhi Heart Sanctuary - Penang (Malaysia). Old age, sickness, death, a monk: the 4 signs that made a deep impression on the mind of the Lord Buddha. The 4 stages of liberation and the 10 fetters: sotapanna, sakadagami, anagami and arahant; Hell and Heaven: these worlds do exist, it's not like some teaches "Hell on earth, heaven on earth", this has nothing to do with the Lord Buddha's teaching; Body decaying & old age; Dukkha: observe one day of your life, if you see it's too much dukkha, "just get the hell out of here" and the way to do it is to practice meditation; Body: what pleasure does this body really give to us? Only when we get rid of unpleasant feelings, then we find this body comfortable; The 4 elements (earth, water, air and fire): everything in this Universe (even thoughts and feelings) is made out of them; Body: it's not something nice or beautiful, it's a chemical factory or a sophisticated biological robot; Pain investigation: do you think the body dies when you seat 3 or 4 hours in meditation? Compare it when you sit 12 hours in the plane (with all the entertainment and distractions), you don't even notice the pain;