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Dhamma talk given byAjahn Martin
TitleQ&A – About walking & sitting meditation, kilesas, pain, sleepiness & over-eating
Date7 Nov 2016
LocationPenang (Malaysia)
Content / Description

Session of Q&A given at Bodhi Heart Sanctuary – Malaysia. Explanation how to do sitting & walking meditation. Is desire always bad? Turning bad desires into good desires “We need to have the desire to get to Nibbana”; How to stop thinking?; Breath meditation: don't focus on the abdomen; About avijja & the kilesas: avijja is the mastermind, kilesas are its soldiers; Pain investigation: we use it to unhide the kilesas; Trick to fight sleepiness: bring up a situation that made you really angry or excited; Over-eating: “you don't care about the body, you only care about the tongue”;