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Dhamma talk given byAjahn Martin
TitleQ&A – About kamma & its fruits, intentions and precepts
Date5 Nov 2016
LocationPenang (Malaysia)
Content / Description

Session of Q&A given at Sri Lankan Temple - Mahindarama Buddhist Temple (Penang / Malaysia). Kamma: impossible to get rid of bad kamma with good kamma, you have to get the result of it, but you can dilute it if you do a lot of good. Stories of Arahants still getting results of previous bad kamma; Body: you have to take care of it (wash it, feed it, cloth it), it can 2 hours but people spend all their life taking care of the body; Kamma: intention creates kamma, but generally we don't know our true intentions. You can even kill (like a hangman) without doing bad kamma if you don't have the intention to do it; Fruits of kamma: most of it, you will get in the next life, not this life. The 5 precepts and the 3 virtues (generosity/respect/gratitude): they can lead you to heaven; The 8 precepts helps you to become more pure.