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Dhamma talk given byAjahn Martin
TitleQ&A – About the purpose of life, the nature of the kilesas & Nibbana
Date3 Nov 2016
LocationPenang (Malaysia)
Content / Description

Session of Q&A given at Bodhi Heart Sanctuary – Malaysia. Need to know what you want in your life: being a human, going to heaven, getting out of the cycle, but you need to know not to waste your life; Choices: every moment, you have choices, but you need to fight to go against the likes & dislikes of the kilesas; Human life is very precious, but we forget that; Buddho: everything subsides (anger, greed, all sorts of feelings) when you put your attention on the Buddho; Blindness: we're like blind people when we talk about the Dhamma and fight about our views; Investigation: like a physicist, we have to catch every moment of the experience; Greed & anger is rooted in the body, delusion is rooted in the mind khandhas (mainly thoughts and memories); Kilesas: don't call them defilements, they are the soldiers of avijja, we need to fight them; Confusion about kilesas and anatta: some thinks they are liberated because they considered kilesas are not-self/anatta, but that's not the Nibbana of the Lord Buddha where kilesas don't arise anymore at all.