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Dhamma talk given byAjahn Martin
TitleQ&A – About the citta, knowingness, heart & mind
Date2 Nov 2016
LocationPenang (Malaysia)
Content / Description

Session of Q&A given at Bodhi Heart Sanctuary – Malaysia. Is “Citta” and “Knowingness” the same thing? Is “heart” and “mind” the same thing? In Thailand, it's almost the same, in the West, it was separated by the Greeks 2000 years ago; “The knowingness of the citta is the only permanent thing” - “the everlasting tourist” in the words of Luangta Maha Bua; Moment of death: it's important to recall the good deeds that a dying person did for him to go to a good destination; Pain investigation: you go to the point where you really think you're going to die; Heart: only the heart has the ability to let go, not the mind; Evening reflection: you show the heart what it does and when it sees clearly that something has bad results, it lets go; Body investigation: you can see all part very clearly and know your body much more than any doctor can, “it's the citta who built this body”.