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Dhamma talk given byAjahn Martin
TitleWhat is reincarnated?
Date26 Nov 2014
LocationWat Pa Baan Taad
Content / Description

Doubt: one of the big hindrance; Reincarnation: what is actually reborn is kamma; Difference between citta & consciousness; Hell & Heaven: we don't believe in them so we don't see them; Dukkha: it's not only stress or suffering, it's discontent, disease etc.; Selfless: path of purification is to get rid of “self”; Samadhi: you feel safe and energized; Happiness and lay life: respecting the 5 precepts and practicing everyday, you can live a happy life; Kamma and free will: who makes the decision? Breath meditation: don't follow the sensations, you won't go to one-pointedness.