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Dhamma talk given byAjahn Martin
TitleSati Panna, the only weapons to get rid of the kilesas
Date19 Jun 2014
LocationWat Pa Baan Mai
Content / Description

Sati-Panna: only tools to get rid of the kilesas. Samadhi/one-pointedness to train sati. Deep state of samadhi: recharged like putting 2 fingers in an AC outlet, preview of Nibbana. 100% interest is 100% concentration. Kilesas: the ones that bring discomfort, hindrances. Sati: where there is sati, there are no kilesas. Panna: start by investigating your life (from 1 y.o to now), training this body to digest, walk, talk, think etc.: “how much fun is that?”. After 40/45, it starts breaking apart. Respect/Generosity/Gratitude: 3 virtues to develop (+ keeping the 5 precepts) to enter the heavenly realms. Also a necessity to go deeper in our practice. Cycle of birth and death: Luangta says “if I take the bones of all my human lives and would scatter them over Thailand, there wouldn't be an empty place”. Skin: if we had a microscope, we would see how disgusting it is (holes etc.)