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in the tradition of Lungphu Mun Bhuridatto

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Dhamma talk given byAjahn Martin
TitleGet calm and find the shelter in the heart
Date4 Mar 2014
LocationWat Pa Baan Mai
Content / Description

Fighting and angry words not allowed in the wat. 2 people fighting = 2 people guilty. Most important thing: calm the mind. 100% interest is 100% concentration. Body/feelings/memories/thoughts are just tools used either by Avijja/kilesas or by the Dhamma. Constant fight to support Dhamma. “None of the satisfaction experienced in the world surpasses the satisfaction of upacara samadhi”. The kilesas want us to give up because it undermines their power. “When fear of death comes, let's see what dies!” Whatever we see in others is in us, look in yourself and you will see. Samadhi: from waking up to going back to sleep, persistence and endurance to stay on the breath or the Buddho. Important to have a fixed point of reference. Training the mind is the most difficult thing in the world, working in a coal mine is easier!