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Dhamma talk given byAjahn Martin
TitleUndermining the power of the kilesas **
Date8 Aug 2007
LocationWat Pa Baan Taad
Content / Description

The practice to destroy the kilesas. Finding the roots of our kilesas and root them out of our heart. Avijja: the “Master of Deception”. Wrong understanding. The knowing nature of the heart. The deep state of Samadhi and the world war of the senses. Assumptions and conclusions. Undermining the power of the kilesas. The constant fight with the champion: Avijja. Heart understands through experience only. Step by step not looking back. Avijja: the tyrant. Practice - The toughest work in the world (and the most rewarding). Deep considerations of loving-kindness (Metta) and its practice. Understanding that takes place in the heart. Thinking has nothing to do with reality. Reality is what the heart experience. Kilesas: the enemies that causes our dukkha.