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in the tradition of Lungphu Mun Bhuridatto

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Dhamma talk given byAjahn Martin
TitleThe Practice of Samatha
Date15 Jan 2007
LocationWat Pa Baan Taad
Content / Description

Transcending Dukkha: the purpose of the monastery established by Than Acharn Maha Bua. Considerations about the monastic activities and its relation with the practice itself. Importance of self-discipline. What is “developing one's own practice”? Pain: what to do when it arises. Anicca: everything arises, changes and ceases. Investigating the nature of the pain. Pleasant and unpleasant feelings: running away or investigating them. Past, future, and the present moment. The practice of Samatha. Concentration on one point: example with the breath. The guardian of the museum: a simile. Mindfulness. Taming a wild animal: a simile. Putting the mind to rest: Samadhi. The King’s War Elephant training: an example. Fighting against shadows. The Five Khandas and the Arahants. The magician called “Avijja”. What fools us?