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in the tradition of Lungphu Mun Bhuridatto

and his western disciples

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Dhamma talk given byAjahn Martin
TitleWithout anchor it's not meditation
Date20 Sep 2013
LocationWat Pa Baan Mai
Content / Description

Talk given to monks. Eating once a day: advice to get used to it; Dukkha: it doesn't arise from a situation but because of our views of how the things should be; Getting out of the cycle of birth and death: do you want to do this again? Having the same experiences as this life in the next one? Basis of practice: we need a basis (I.e our meditation object), like a boat needs an anchor to see how things move around; Sati: like putting on glasses, stronger and stronger until it becomes like a magnifying loop; body contemplation: at the beginning, we need to have a base, a visual picture in our mind of one part of the body.