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Dhamma talk given byAjahn Martin
TitleKilesas are the culprit! The path of practice
Date6 Nov 2010
LocationPerth (Australia)
Content / Description

Body: we put all the importance on the body, but at the end it dies in front of our own eyes. Kilesas: no pain in the body when watching a 2 hour long movie but the kilesas bring pain after 10 minutes sitting in meditation. Anger/greed starts inside the heart not in external objects/persons. First, learn not to follow it, then observe the rising and ceasing, then you will see the reason and be able to uproot it. Sila/morality: if you break the law (5 precepts), you go to prison (hell). Exposition on the 4 Noble Truths. Dukkha: we all have it every day (pressure, tension, boredom etc.) Our wanting, desire and dislikes are the origin of dukkha. Question (1 hour). How to deal with the feeling of guilt. Truth of the body: we all stink, but we cover it up. State of western Buddhism Experience of one-pointedness.