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in the tradition of Lungphu Mun Bhuridatto

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Dhamma talk given byAjahn Martin
TitleSuch a diversity in Buddhist Teachings
Date28 Mar 2010
LocationWat Pa Baan Taad
Content / Description

Hundreds of different places in the world that teach “Buddhism”. The more we read and learn, the more we might get confused. Breaking the 5 precepts leads us down to hell. Keeping them and practising generosity/respect/gratitude leads to heaven. Kamma: hate leads to ugliness, serving others to beauty, generosity to wealth, stinginess to poverty. Skills come from previous lifes. “Just accepting kamma and trying to change ourselves will lead to a very successful (happy) life”. Bad things that happens to us seem unfair, but not good things, strange no? Kamma is fair like a physics law. “Here you find the truth of the Buddha's teaching... but of course, everyone says that!” To lead a good life, you don't necessarily need a teacher (follow the 5 precepts and take kamma seriously), but to enter the stream you need a teacher who knows the path. Only 6/7 tastes (sweet, salty, sour etc.) that delude us when eating food.